I’ve got Big Plans for you… Can you feel it? Let’s explore – Blow Dart!

Blow Dart

“True Love forgives all Crimes,
Except for a Crime against Love”

Although we are already three months into 2018 the chills from up and coming North American author Patricia Gayle’s Crime Thriller Book “Blow Dart” still resonate.

Let’s take a peek:

As Trish battled the elements, a relentless sense of urgency ripped through her mind when she felt her knees rapidly growing weak. Panic surged through her body like an electrical current. The pouring rain and strong winds, combined with the darkness and the sudden effect of the drugged dart, made it an arduous task for her to find the “unlock” button on her keypad. Her thought process had already become obscured and erratic. “Can’t… focus,” she muttered. “Sweet Jesus, what’s… what’s happening…? I feel so… weak and …”she trailed off in a murmur.

“What the hell’s taking it so long?” he bellowed, slamming his fist against the dash. “She should’ve been out by now. I must’ve mixed the ketamine cocktail too damn weak!” He sat for only another moment before deciding it was time whether she was ready or not. He couldn’t risk some Good Samaritan happening by. He pulled the stocking down over his face, not quite ready to reveal his identity. Then he slid the gearshift into “D,” and as calm as the eye of a hurricane, circled her car like a buzzard hovering over dead prey.

Trish’s entire body grew weaker, allowing her purse to slip from her shoulder. As she slumped forward against the side of her car to keep herself from falling, the dart in her right hand dislodged and hit the ground. The front of her body was hugging the cold wet metal of the car as her arms and hands grappled at the roof trying desperately to hold on. That’s when she noticed the van pulling into the space beside her once again. It’s back. Why is… it… back? So… close. Too close. She was far beyond frightened at this point. She tried screaming but was too weak to be heard above the howling wind.

Trish was now panicked, pushing at the wet, slippery buttons on the keypad, but too disoriented to do any good. She was barely even able to formulate her thoughts now. When she heard the door sliding open, she managed to cut her eyes toward the sound and saw the blurred outline of a man stepping down from the side of the van. So close… too close, she was thinking as she continued her struggle to hold on to the side of the car. He stood like an oak, staring at her for a moment. “You weren’t supposed to last this long,” he scolded. “Quite the little fighter, aren’t you?” The sense of urgency and panic raging through Trish’s body erupted like a volcano. Fear and terror were like lightning bolts shooting from her eyes. But when she tried to move, her knees gave way.

He quickly leaned into her, pressing his excited body firmly against hers. She knew she’d been drugged and this man, whoever he was, had done it. She just didn’t know why. Trish could feel his hot breath, enhanced by the cold wind and rain, penetrate her ear as he whispered, “I’ve got big plans for you, my nosy little mouse. Can you feel it? Now, let’s go.” She made one last, desperate attempt to depress the alarm button on her keypad as he peeled her body from the car. Her thumb finally connected. The noise sliced through the night like a double edged sword, bringing with it the fear of detection. Startled and shocked by the unexpected sound, he violently jerked her up in his arms, causing her keys to sling from her hand.

“You BITCH!” he screamed as he pitched her through the doorway and onto the floor of the van. He jumped in and slammed the door behind him with such force that it shook the entire vehicle. “This is the second time you’ve screwed with my plan.

What happens next? Get your copy of “Blow Dart – The Abduction” to find out and let us know what you think.

And in just a few weeks, the continuation in “Obsession” – pre-order your copy today and enjoy a discount on both books.

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