Looks like you got Slammed by – Blow Dart! I’ll see about getting another register Open

Blow Dart The Abduction

The unstoppable rising author Patricia Gayle’s crime thrilling novel Blow Dart – The Abduction has won the hearts of many readers. Are you the next in line?

               “If Love is a Sin, then

Beauty is a Crime


Great, just great! I should’ve just pushed her cart to the side and made her go through the line again.

As Jeri hit the total button, she looked around for Trish one more time. Still nothing. She immediately apologized to the line of customers for the delay and sent out a page for assistance. “Manager needed at register twelve, please. Manager to register twelve.” She could tell the natives were getting restless.

Some were shifting from one foot to the other and others had a hand on one hip and cocked to one side, posture and demeanor speaking volumes. Then there were the men with their legs firmly planted about two feet apart and their arms crossed over their puffed-up chests, resting on their fat little Buddha bellies, looking like Grumpy. Last, but not least, there were the wind blowers as she called them.

Every couple of minutes or so they switched positions, giving a roll of the head while inhaling. Then they flashed that ever-familiar exasperated look, exhaled the wind between their slightly parted lips, causing their cheeks to puff out, looking like a bunch of Louis Armstrong wannabees. It was only a half-minute or so before the manager showed up and voided the transaction on her register.

“Jeri… right?” asked the manager in a surprisingly pleasant tone. “That’s right.” “Looks like you got slammed. I’ll see about getting another register open.” “Super,” Jeri responded, rolling her eyes upward and exhaling a huge sigh of relief. “That would really be great! Oh, ah… one more thing. Some of the customers are complaining about the car alarm going off outside… grating on their nerves, that sort of thing. Do you think we could have someone check it out?”

“I’ve already called security and they’re on their way.”Jeri whimsically smiled as the Grocery Police crossed her mind. She loaded the bagged groceries into the abandoned cart and pushed it over to the adjacent lane, looking around one more time. I wonder?

Detective Roger Dawson was finally headed home after spending the last few hours at the local pub around the corner from headquarters watching his buddies chug down a few brews and suffering through a bunch of really bad jokes.

Since Trish had art class after work, he had decided to join the “good ole boys” for a few rounds to pass the time. He watched… they drank. He was saving his drinking for the chilled champagne that awaited him at home. She had called him around 9:30 p.m. to let him know she was on her way home but had to make a quick stop at the grocery first.


Where is Trish?

Did she make it back in time for chilled champagne or did something happen to her?

Come by www.patriciagaylebooks.com right now, get your copy and find out…you’ll never guess what happened.

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