Top – 5 Thrilling Novels You Must Read

Thrilling Novels

Fiction novels have the ability to draw you into their world making you feel like you are actually inside the novel’s plot. Thrilling novels are one of the most engaging books to read with a mix of drama and unexpected twists dare you to put down the book before it is finished.  Here are some favorites you don’t want to miss.

Blow Dart The Abduction – by Patricia Gayle

Patricia Gayle’s Blow Dart is a bone-chilling thrill novel that keeps you guessing. Patricia Dawson’s life was suddenly thrust into a hellish nightmare that will not only reshape her life forever but that of her husband Roger. Despite overcoming the complete loss of her memory and the demonic fallout from the fatal attack, she manages to rebuild a new life with new friends and falls in love with the man who saves her…but did he save her? Or was it something else?  Check it out now to find out.

Dead Letters – by Caite Dolan-Leach

In this twisted Agatha Christie novel, Dead Letters tells us a story of a young woman, Ava, who returns to her family after her twin sister goes missing. Will Ava be able to keep a clear head and find the resources and creativity she needs to find her sister?  Only time will tell…

The Grip of It – by Jac Jemc

“The Grip of It” is what you will be doing to this book as you carefully turn the pages.  Do you remember camping and scary stories around the campfire? Ever been to a haunted house? Jac Jemc’s hypnotic words will have you spellbound hanging on to each syllable as you try to tear away but can’t.  Shadows that appear as faint whispers and disembodied sounds creep through the night…would you stay in your new house?

A Separation – by Katie Kitamura

Do you need an emotional roller-coaster ride?  Travel with Katie as she tells you about a woman who travels to a Greek seaside and her husband disappears without a trace.  Confronting the truth about her marriage, her husband and her own problems begs the question…did he leave or was he taken?  Only the pages can tell you.

No Man’s Land – by David Baldacci

Special Investigator, John Puller, tackles his biggest case yet – the disappearance of his mother Jackie.  Was she kidnapped, murdered or just lost for all this time?  Army veteran, John Rogers (John Puller’s real father) is just about to be released from prison.  Did he kill her? Or was he unjustly sentenced?

The previous books listed were just a very small set that will keep you coming back for more.  Choose one or more of these best thriller book series of all time. Get even more valuable posts regarding crime thriller authors by subscribing below.

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