So entertained was she by popular fiction, particularly mysteries and suspense, Patricia began, almost unconsciously, to plot the outline for a thriller of her own. Sustained by self-determination and the promise to her brother, Bob, to bring her idea to fruition, Patricia developed her budding story into her debut novel, Blow Dart.

From early childhood, Patricia has enjoyed self-expression through the arts. Fiction writing is the most recent in a series of creative activities that began with drawing and progressed to piano, greeting card design, unique Christmas décor and painting. Her appreciation of the beauty found in nature has influenced all her works, including the setting for her novel, the Colorado Rocky Mountains. To relax and retreat from the rest of the world, she established “The Dragonfly Studio,” where she creates her unique greeting card designs and oil paintings.

Among Patricia’s favorite activities are her nighttime dips in the pool, horseback riding and spending time with family and friends. Another constant in her life is Pat’s love of animals. Having rescued and adopted countless strays, she and husband of twenty-two years, Roger, now share the companionship of three dogs and five cats in a cedar-log chalet, of their own design and construction, tucked away in the secluded hills of Tennessee where she is presently at work on the sequel to Blow Dart.