The Best Crime and Thriller Novels of 2017

Crime Novels

From suspenseful crime thrillers to mystery novels, 2017 gave audiences thrills and chills. One of the up and coming rising stars was “Blow Dart – The Abduction” Read this book and you will be guaranteed to have nightmares as you look over your shoulder walking down a street – unless you think you can handle it!

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Entertained by popular fiction, particularly mysteries and suspense, Patricia began, almost unconsciously, to plot the outline for a thriller of her own. Sustained by self-determination and the promise to her brother, Bob, to bring her idea to fruition, Patricia developed her budding story into her debut novel, Blow Dart – The Abduction.

Excerpt from the book:

As she unearths truths about her past life and that of her new lover, the explosive events challenge her core beliefs, and her very sanity. Will she be able to find the inner strength she’ll need to mentally survive this evil for the second time around, or will death that she cheated the first time, finally claim her life?


It was shortly before 10 p.m. on a cold and rainy Friday night. The cold front and storm had arrived earlier than predicted, leaving a lot of people unprepared and without their winter coats that evening.

The wind was howling and the rain was pouring down without mercy as Patricia Dawson — Trish, as she liked to be called — pulled into the parking lot of the market she often shopped at on her way home from work. The lot was unusually dark, compliments of vandalism by some overzealous teenagers.
Probably nothing to worry about, she thought.


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