“Hold Up a Sec,…. I thought I Saw Something…”


With so many books and so many stories it is easy to get confused about which one to choose; but when it comes to the best mystery novel series for adults, there is no compromise with “Blow Dart”! .

“The Mystery Of Life Isn’t A Problem To Solve, But A Reality To Experience” – Frank Herbert

Patricia Gayle, a North American author is best known for her stunning

creation “Blow Dart – The Abduction”, one of the classic thrilling books sure to be a best selling crime-thriller novel.  Check out this excerpt:


 “They say silence is golden,” came a voice out of the dark. Roger turned toward the voice and saw a tall, slender security guard sporting a clear, vinyl rain suit. Lucky dog, he thought. Wish I hadn’t forgotten mine.

“Your car?” the guard asked.

“Actually, no… It’s my wife’s,” he explained as he fished his badge out of his pocket. “I’m Detective Roger Dawson,”

“Is there a problem?” he asked, in a slightly edgy tone.

“I’m Officer Anthony Dodd,” he responded, shaking Dawson’s hand. Roger looked at him inquisitively.

“Second job, Detective… you know how it is. As far as the alarm goes… it’s probably nothing. It happens a lot around here… these alarms. I thought I’d check it out, anyway.”

“I appreciate that, Officer Dodd. As a matter of fact, I was just about to do the same. Sometimes my wife sets off the alarm to help her find her car when she forgets where she parked it,” said Dawson, hissing out a breath and smiling. Dodd looked around at the sparsely occupied lot, then back at Roger with a raised brow and nodded toward the car. “Glad you had an extra key so you could shut that thing off.”

“Quiet’s good,” Roger said. “How about we get this checked out so we can get out of this rain?” “Dry’s good,” Dodd countered and smiled.

“I can’t believe how dark it is out here,” Roger commented.

“Wouldn’t happen to have a flashlight on you, would you?”

“Sure thing.” Dodd whipped out his Maglite and switched it on.

“Sorry about the lights. The repairs got held up. The company contracted

to fix them had a couple of guys just up and quit. Threw them behind.”

As the two of them started walking around the rear of Trish’s car, a beam of light from the Mag reflected off something shiny on the ground, catching Dawson’s eye.

“Hold up a sec, Dodd. Can you shine your light over here? I thought I saw something.” Dodd turned the beam on Dawson and then pointed it to the ground at the rear of the car. When Dodd scanned the area, the light picked it up again, a shiny metal cylinder… very small. Dawson bent over and picked it up. The moment he saw it, he froze.

“What is it?”


Find out soon, before it’s too late…


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