Love crime thrillers? Blow Dart – The Abduction will keep you on the edge of your seat

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So entertained was she by popular fiction, particularly mysteries and suspense, Patricia Gayle began, almost unconsciously, to plot the outline for a thriller of her own.

Sustained by self-determination and the promise to her brother, Bob, to bring her idea to fruition, Patricia developed her budding story into her debut novel, Blow Dart – The Abduction” .

Patricia Dawson’s idyllic life is suddenly thrust into a hellish nightmare that will not only redesign her life forever, but that of her husband, Roger. Becoming an unsuspecting victim of circumstance, she is abducted and left for dead.

Despite the arduous task of overcoming the complete loss of her memory and the demonic fallout from her near fatal attack, she manages to rebuild a new life with new friends and falls in love with the man who saves her. But when two other people’s lives are threatened, her attempt to help them, places her in harm’s way as she crosses paths with her own assailant.

As she unearths truths about her past life and that of her new lover, the explosive events challenge her core beliefs, and her very sanity.

Will she be able to find the inner strength she’ll need to mentally survive this evil for the second time around, or will death that she cheated the first time, finally claim her life?

From the Book:

Her stillness was consequently sobering. “Kaitlin?” he softly called, shaking her, praying for any response. But there was nothing…only her eyes staring back at him, fixed and dilated. He felt for a pulse but there was none. His sudden dilemma was unanticipated and daunting at best, thrusting him into full panic mode. You’ve got to calm down and think, he thought to himself.

As he looked at her one final time, the reality of all that had just happened quickly engulfed him, sucking the colour from his face. He had never meant for this to happen. But it had, and now he had to protect himself and his future at any and all costs…

“In a word, brilliant!” – Stacey

“Ms. Gayle takes horrifying themes and turns them into a gripping story of triumph.” – Joy Webster

“This is one of the best books that I have read in a long time.” – Karen Moore


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