Mystery Novel or Thriller Fiction?

Mystery thriller

There is much overlap between a mystery novel and thriller novel. But, if you are into subtleties, read on….

Characteristics of Mystery Novels

In a straight “Mystery Novel” you have a crime that is committed (usually murder) and the story is all about solving that crime. It is a mystery to unravel and while there can be twists in the story the crime has usually already been committed and your would be hero (detective, gumshoe, investigator, sleuth, etc.) is on the case.

Most of the best modern crime novels set their story in a tranquil background to reveal the harsh reality by peeling off the mask of civility in a brutal way.

Readers who read mystery novels expect a finality – whether good or bad – to the story. They expect to read investigative procedures and criminal methods in detail. A mystery novel is said to be mind-blowing if the revealed truth is unexpected and shocking.

Characteristics of Thriller Fictions

With a great thriller novel a writer attempts to create fear in the readers’ minds. Plot twists, unanswered questions, never knowing who is waiting to strike around the next corner… No laid out plans for this book… Of course this is a “mystery” but the crime may not have happened in the beginning and/or there may be more to come. Just turning that page could be a frightful experience.

The best thriller book series of all time successfully create “terrible trouble” by combining horror and mystery. Unlike mystery novels, thriller fictions have an elevated sense of danger right from the outset. Eerie feelings are usually more import than sensational feeling.

“Blow Dart – The Abduction” and “Obsession”

So, dear reader, you may be asking yourself, what does Patricia Gayle have in store for us with her books?


Twists you don’t see coming, detectives hot on the trail of our captor, merely steps away…but, does he give them the slip? Is he able to kill and destroy before they catch him? Will she ever be safe again?

While knowing the difference between mystery detective novel and suspense thriller is great in theory, the real question is “Can you handle it?”

Patricia Gayle’s “Blow Dart-The Abduction” and “Obsession” are waiting to put you to the test.

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