Mystery Thrillers are Emerging as the Best-Selling Novels

Best Mystery Thrillers

The selling of crime novels is skyrocketing in the U.S.

Such an increasing appetite for crime fiction is definitely good news for all mystery authors and their readers. Bookshelves are filling with more and more of the best modern crime novels on the market.

Why Are Mystery Thrillers Becoming So Popular?

Plots of the best modern crime novels are very captivating. A good story, good plot, and great writing keeps you, the reader, engaged as the story moves in an unexpected direction. The fast pace you find in great mystery thrillers are not really seen in literary fiction.

Unlike novels of other genres, the best mystery thriller suspense books beautifully portray the uncertainty of life. When your life gets stressful and you need an escape, a book is the way to go. Being able to escape to another world where you can see other lives unfold relieves the tension of the day.

Solving the mystery of life is difficult…in the real world.  But, in the world of fiction, the authors you love are the creators of these worlds and can shape it to do their bidding.  “Life” can be solved (or destroyed) at the whim of the author, but the characters in the best modern crime novels can take on a life of their own and then the question becomes “Who is in control?” the author or the characters – sometimes not even the author knows.

Patricia Gayle’s “Blow Dart-The Abduction” and “Obsession” are inspired from real life. You can connect with Trish and the daily grind of her life, at least up to the point of her abduction.  Then Trish’s life takes on a surreal aspect and you wonder if it will ever end for Trish or will she even survive…

Take a break from the daily grind in your life and find out if Trish can survive hardship, heartache and live to tell the tale.

Find out today, visit to get your copy of “Blow Dart – The Abduction” and the just released continuation “Obsession.”  Trish awaits….

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