“Maybe You Can and Maybe Not”- That’s the Crux of “Obsession”

pgb-blogThe relentless ride into the world of sinister secrets continues in “Obsession,” the sequel to “Blow Dart.” Memories of her abduction have started Trish down a dangerous path. How far will Trish go to take his blood? Will she exact her revenge on her tormentor?

The unexpected sequence of events in Blow Dart changed Trish’s life forever. Revenge may be all that is on her mind now…all that she can focus on.

“You have no clue to just how angry I really am and how badly I long for Bradley Forrester to rot on death row until they put that needle in his arm! Hell, I’d hit the button myself if they’d let me!”

The turmoil inside Trish’s head can be felt through your fingers and into your soul from the pages of “Obsession” as you turn each page.  Roger, her husband, suspects something is not quite right but doesn’t really know what is happening inside her.  Is it something serious?  Something that should make him concerned?

The past never truly fades away as both Roger and Trish internally battle with themselves and each other.  Dark imprints of events past continue to haunt and shape their present lives and the concept of morality, the never ending fight for good and evil, is in constant battle within Trish’s mind over “what is right.”

“Obsession” may soon be your obsession. One of the best modern crime novels to be released. Intricate plots and rich detail let you immerse yourself in the life of Trish and horrors she has faced and may yet face again. One of the upcoming best mystery authors, Patricia Gayle, has her own signature suspenseful style that will keep you guessing until the end.  You may even start to confuse fantasy with reality…

Read this heart pounding thriller “Obsession” today. Buy the book here: www.patriciagaylebooks.com

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