Why are Crime Thriller Novels the Most Preferred Reading Choice?

Crime thriller novels

A crime thriller novel is one of the most trending genres that you will find in: short stories, movies, tv shows and live actions. The word ‘crime thriller’ involve both mystery and curiosity that entices readers to want to explore more about it. Crime thriller novels are closer to reality than most other genres.

Suspense Combines Curiosity with Fear and Pulls them up a Rising Slope

When reality based characters are mixed with a fantasy environment it gets the readers’ attention. Even just a good crime thriller title and front cover can be enough to entice someone to pick up a book.

Why Should You Read Crime Thriller Novels?

So, why should you explore these crime thriller novels?

Best Crime Novels Give Your Brain a Serious Workout

Reading crime novels is a good exercise for brain health and keeps your brain stimulated through learning. While reading, you think about what you just read and imagine yourself in the story. Unlike a movie or radio show where you must move at the pace of the actor, a book allows your imagination to soar.

Social Side of Reading Reduces Stress

People who read learn to empathize with the characters. This also allows the brain to understand that people’s beliefs, desires, and thoughts are different to their own and makes you a better person. You are able to interact with others and relate to others in a more natural way.

Best Written Novels Help Build Vocabulary

The best crime authors write with flair and style. They can create scenes so real and fascinating that you feel you are in the story with the characters. A study found crime thriller novel readers have a much richer vocabulary which helps them express their thoughts more eloquently and precisely. Books are a treasure of knowledge. The more you read the better your vocabulary becomes.


Mystery is an Intellectual Process, While Suspense is Essentially an Emotional Process


Crime Fiction Novels Gives You Knowledge

Experience brings knowledge and knowledge allows us to improve. While it is nearly impossible to do everything in our own life, we can increase our experiences through reading stories, real or imagined, of other lives. The more you know, the better you will be.

Reading Reduces Stress and Improves Mood

A study by the University of Sussex showed just six minutes lost inside a great book can reduce your stress level by as much as 68%. Reduce your stress level and help your mood by picking up a good book and reading for a few minutes (or more).

Reading Makes You Smarter 

New words, new concepts, unimagined ideas; books will introduce you to data and knowledge you never new existed and may have never come across in real life. Reading makes you intelligent and appealing. Improve your knowledge on various topics and become an expert in communication.

Humor, Suspense, Mystery – find a topic you enjoy and pickup a book. You will be glad you did.

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